How to Clean my Oven Easily – The #1 Simplest Method


Just the other day I was wondering how to clean my oven easily? I went to the manufacturers website but found nothing that helped. So I decided to write about how to clean with a simple and easy process. It is a mundane activity but necessary for anyone who owns and uses an oven.

Whether my appliance is very clean, moderately clean, or heavily soiled I found this particular method helps me cut through any type of cleaning session.

Without a doubt the first thing to do is consult your oven’s manual. If that is long gone, there are plenty of online resources out there that can assist with providing digital versions of the manual.

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Lodge 8 Inch Skillet Review – Small and Handy for Some

lodge 8 inch cast iron skillet review

While cooking some plant based burgers the other day I found myself paying close attention to the design of my skillet. A little skillet seemingly plain and boring. The endless possibilities showcase how a simple design can be reliable. So how did I go from thinking that this was simply a nice addition that came with a set, to becoming my favorite out of the whole set?

One of the five out of a cast iron cookware set. It became my go to skillet for individual servings.

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How To Season Cast Iron Cookware – Only When Needed

how to season cast iron cookware

Seasoning is a layer of cooking oil baked or bonded onto the surface. This layer creates a non-stick property on the surface when used properly. Seeing from firsthand experience cast iron cookware should be seasoned only when necessary.

Overtime the more you use your seasoned tools the better the seasoning gets. In this guide learn how to season cast iron cookware and how to take care of seasoning. The process is not too difficult.

Initially I had thought that cast iron is a tedious material to work with in the kitchen. It was through constantly using my set that I experienced quite the opposite. The material is very tough allowing a wide range of use and care conditions. Maintenance can be strict and rigorous to maximize effectiveness, or it can be maintained to the bare minimal enough to keep longevity.

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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Review – Is it Really Non-Stick?

lodge 10.25 seasoned cast iron skillet

Are cast iron skillets truly non-stick? Yes these tools do in fact maintain a non-stick property as long as basic kitchen practices are followed.

For starters the skillet has to be seasoned. The layer of seasoning is what gives the cast iron skillet its non-stick feature. The second step needed to ensure your food does not stick to the surface is a rather simple one. Preheat the skillet to the temperature you are going to be cooking on and you are all set, that is all.

You have to be attentive towards what you are cooking. A steak for example once placed on a hot skillet cannot be flipped immediately, it has to be allowed to sauté for a small amount of time before doing so. This is done in order to prevent the succulent steak from sticking or drying out on one side.

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Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle Review – Who needs one and why?

lodge 10.5 seasoned cast iron griddle

What a funny name for such a useful tool, griddle. I have a 10.5 inch Lodge cast iron griddle and it works efficiently. When I first got mine I thought what a nice tool for omelets and scrambled eggs. Having used this tool often in my daily life I quickly realized like all cast iron cookware it is much more useful than I originally thought.

Instead of just breakfast items griddle pans can be used for making delectable lunches, dinners and even some desserts. The ability to fry is the main attraction here no need to bake or sauté.

Some wonder who need a cast iron griddle and why? To be honest nobody needs a cast iron griddle it is an item you have to want in order to see the utilitarian value. Why anybody would want one is simple, the desire to cook food with a tool you can rely on.

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How to use Cast Iron Cookware – Easier Than Most Think

sauted tomatoes on cast iron skillet

Ever use cast iron cookware? It may take slightly more time but it is not as tedious or labor intensive as some perceive it to be.

You see for whats its worth cast iron gets a bad reputation for being way too high maintenance for daily use. For some peculiar reason the whole seasoning process is viewed as a recurring daily task. This is not the case as most who use cast iron understand the resilience of this material. It is the main reason I enjoy cooking with seasoned cast iron because of its reliability.

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Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cover Review – Covering What You Make

lodge 10.25 inch seasoned cast iron dutch oven cover

In this Lodge seasoned cast iron cover review our focus is on the 10.25 or 10-1/4 inch version. If you have a Lodge seasoned cast iron dutch oven or skillet than a self-basting cover is a wonderful tool to have in the kitchen.

Self-basting is a process in which tips on the interior of a cover collect and drip flavor juices back into the food you are cooking. Covers are used to retain moisture in what you are cooking for example a roasted chicken.

By enclosing the moisture you create a self-basting process which adds more flavor as you cook. This sounds nice but you will need to care for the cover like any other cast iron cookware.

The cover is seasoned so maintenance is not any different from your average seasoned cast iron. Since these covers deal directly with moisture you will need to be more attentive to maintenance. The excess exposure to water vapors can wear away the seasoning easily.

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Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review – Should Your Kitchen Have one

lodge 5 quart seasoned cast iron dutch oven

A cast iron dutch oven is a great tool for cooking all kinds of flavorful dishes. Cast iron is often depicted as being tedious to work with, time-consuming to maintain, and overall just generally harder to cook with when compared to other cookware material. As long as basic kitchen practices are followed cast iron performs similar if not better than other cooking material. In this Lodge seasoned cast iron dutch oven review we are going to be looking at the 5 quart 10.25 inch version.

Using a cast iron dutch oven is easy and not that messy. Having my eyes lay bare witness at not once or twice but four times of a before and after being used to saute and bake a nice tasty creamy roasted tomato soup. I know supposedly it is taboo to cook acidic food in cast iron since it can erode away the season but it persevered.

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How to Clean Cast Iron Cookware – Kitchen Cookware and Appliances

clean cast iron cookware

Most of us who like to cook are all too familiar with a mess afterwards it is part of the experience. Depending on your cookware material cleaning can take a bit longer and some elbow grease. I am going to guide you today on how to clean cast iron cookware.

To some cooking is all about presentation and those people are not wrong but cooking is also about taste. Cooking on cast iron gives your food more taste overtime as you cook with it. Cast iron may require slightly more effort to clean it but it certainly pays off. Cleaning your cast iron properly can allow for years of cooking even after one hundred years have passed.

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