Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cover Review – Covering What You Make

In this Lodge seasoned cast iron cover review our focus is on the 10.25 or 10-1/4 inch version. If you have a Lodge seasoned cast iron dutch oven or skillet than a self-basting cover is a wonderful tool to have in the kitchen.

Self-basting is a process in which tips on the interior of a cover collect and drip flavor juices back into the food you are cooking. Covers are used to retain moisture in what you are cooking for example a roasted chicken.

By enclosing the moisture you create a self-basting process which adds more flavor as you cook. This sounds nice but you will need to care for the cover like any other cast iron cookware.

The cover is seasoned so maintenance is not any different from your average seasoned cast iron. Since these covers deal directly with moisture you will need to be more attentive to maintenance. The excess exposure to water vapors can wear away the seasoning easily.

A cover is only necessary when cooking certain meals such as meats you do not want to dry out. Today we will cover a couple of topics. First the purpose of self-basting. Next is water vapor guidelines. Finally we will end with how the results speak for themselves.

Why cover food during cooking

First and foremost you will need the right fit for your skillet or dutch oven. Most of the times one may not even need a cover depending on what you are cooking. Almost all cast iron dutch ovens come with the cover included but be sure to check if it does.

Some meats are fine without a cover but others can dry out or burn if the moisture is let out. Nothing is worse than dried meat or burnt meat with no flavor.

Maybe you already have a cover but may want a spare for your baking needs. The seasoning does retain flavor so a cover used for salty foods will not blend well with one used for sweet pastries.

Remember the measurements of your current skillet or dutch oven if considering getting a cover. You never want the moisture to evaporate away.

The Purpose of Self-Basting

The self-basting tips are placed internally the feature may look funny but is indeed helpful to the overall design. Yet what is self-basting and what does it function for?

The purpose of self-basting tips is to drip any water vapor or moisture that may arise from what you are cooking. This drips on top of what you are cooking which is helpful so it does not dry and retains the same flavor of the juices its cooking in.

Covers like this one can be used for a number of purposes. Roast, bake, fry, saute, grill you name it just do not forget to season. The season is what really gives cast iron it’s edge without it the cast iron would go beyond repair.

Water Vapor Guidelines

Since the cover seals in the water vapors you can imagine how it reacts to the moisture. The external surface remains much intact but the internal surface will take a walloping once it begins service.

The seasoning is meant to give the cover a non-stick property and prevent rust. Yet the design of the cover renders this feature strained and limited under certain conditions. Depending on how frequently a cover is used it may be more time-consuming to maintain than your average cast iron cookware.

Rust is easy to get rid of. Simply scrub away with a scouring pad or scrubbing brush of your choice. I have already dealt with rust already which was not hard to scrub off at all with an SOS scrub. The whole thing took me a couple of minutes. The whole process is what takes some time

Maintain the cover like any other seasoned cast iron cookware as this will yield the benefits of using cast iron. Cleaning is no problem check out how to clean cast iron cookware here. The benefits on the other hand are

  • Extremely durable and robust it can become bare cast iron or rust yet restoration would be possible and easy
  • Self-basting process ensure the flavors are kept in your food
  • The season gets better the more it is used.
  • Preheated properly cast iron will cook evenly
  • Retains heat much more effectively than other materials giving you more control of the heat

The Results Speak for Themselves

Covers are a niche group of tools for the kitchen only because they usually come with your cookware. You may need one you may not it really is dependent on your preference and circumstance.

Most dutch ovens will come with a lid. Skillets are the real reason of why someone may need a cover. Baking in particular will usually require a cover and take advantage of being oven safe. Regardless of the reason the results speak for themselves.

With some basic kitchen knowledge it is easy to cook a meal that brings some smiles. Since the area is enclosed getting an even desired bake, fry, saute or sear result is an easy task. Cast iron as a cooking material retains heat for a longer period giving more control over your cooking temperature.

The lifespan of this tool can last generations. No longer will you have a need to replace and throw away another cover. The season made from you and the cooking oil you choose makes this possible. You can scratch or even have the cast iron oxidize. Refurbishing the cast iron is never hard with a routine maintenance.

The cleaning and seasoning process for every cast iron cookware tool will vary. Variables such as how it is used, how it is cleaned, how it is stored do play a part in the overall condition of the seasoned cast iron. Sometimes a quick cleaning will suffice. Other times you may need to season directly after cleaning.

Establishing your seasoning can be an easy task. Be perceptive when working with your seasoned cast iron cover it is easy to spot bare cast iron or rust. Staying on top of both will cut down on the time it takes to clean though it is still a process.

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Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cover Rating
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Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cover Rating

Product: Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cover

Product Description:

All Lodge seasoned cast iron covers will fit snugly on matching seasoned cast iron skillets and dutch ovens. The cover comes with internal self-basting tips. Enclosing the skillet or dutch oven with the cover creates a self-basting process a rather useful feature. Under certain circumstances the design backfires. The exposure to water vapors endured while self-basting wears away the seasoning. This can make it more difficult to establish the seasoning. Oxidation is the biggest worry though cast iron is extremely robust capable of lasting generations. All of the woes of cast iron can be easily prevented with a diligent maintenance. One can never go wrong with one these in the kitchen.

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