About Us

This site is about helping people pick out the best kitchen cookware and appliances suited for your own kitchen while keeping design, function, and longevity in mind.

Most of the times you come across products within this niche, they are a hit or miss.

You either need it or you don’t. Some can become really enticing making you think it would be a nice addition to your kitchen but does it truly offer any value?

This is where it is important to acknowledge your own cooking style, so you understand what you can use and what you can live without.


Who am I?

Hi my name is Kevin and I am someone who enjoys the experience of cooking for myself and loved ones. I do not have any formal training as a chef, but I have been around my fair share of them. I’m lucky enough to have family members with a similar background.

I grew tired of getting served food that always felt off from places that one would think would offer quality food. The restaurants lacking passion were the main culprits because these are places that have chefs and managers that should strive to outdo themselves in the kitchen and serve the best they can.

A little about Kevin in the Kitchen:

  • I love Mexican cuisine. Authentic Mexican cuisine not what you find on Taco Bell’s menu.
  • My favorite Mexican dish is tostadas y pozole.
  • I’m just a big ball of love with a spinal cord growing from it. I have a lot love to give, the kitchen helps deliver that love in one way.
  • I’m a clean freak. I prefer a clean tidy work place. Grease and grim stand no chance against me!
  • Eventually I want to adapt a style of cooking that uses only locally grown native ingredients (no imports).
  • Recipes are cool but I love to add my own mysterious twist to them.
  • 5 years ago I never thought I’d be in this position. LET’S ******* GO!!!

What Made me Want to Cook?

Believe it or not, growing up I was interested in cooking from start to finish. I always enjoyed the idea of knowing what exactly you are serving people for nutritional value.

Not just the prep and cooking part but also the cultivation of ingredients. It truly is amazing what it takes for plants and animals to develop. It’s a process that should be acknowledged and respected.

Joke was on me as a naïve kid. I was under the impression that every editable product was made for nutritional value. What a fool I was, especially since I live in the United States.

The Commonsense Consumption Act of 2009 was enacted specifically to protect manufacturers, marketers, distributors, advertisers, or sellers of food, or a trade association from being held liable “for any injury related to a person’s accumulated acts of consumption of food and weight gain, obesity, or any associated health condition” here is the link to the official summary of the act here if interested.

One could argue this is unjust. How the US government allows products that are harmful with accumulated acts of consumption, be produced and sold for consumption with impunity.

This act is a double edged sword because it respects every individuals right to choose what they consume. At the same time it removes all liability from the companies and individuals peddling and perpetuating completely processed foods. Most of which have been linked to health issues from accumulated acts of consumption by many studies.

On the surface it seems like this allows the market to be at the whim of the consumers, right?

However, when companies get so big and their marketing become ingrained into culture that’s not the case, at all.

What you eat or do not eat is entirely up to you. I am passionate about my food so much so that it has created a standard for me. The many unhealthy ultra processed snacks and ready to make food I would eat as I grew up are no longer a part of my diet (though I do try to emulate their taste and flavors). The food I order from the restaurants around me is alright at best.

Most lack a set of high standards found from people who are passionate about serving food. Getting food served at a restaurant should be enjoyable and filling. Food served at restaurants should not be only filling.

This is why for the time being I prefer to cook for myself. This doesn’t mean I won’t dine out. A little ways away is home to one of the most well known places for all types of cuisine.

Where did my Experience Come From?

Some of my experience has come from work, some from home and some by learning from others online (ya see, the internet does have its positives). I always liked the idea of cooking and baking. It gets easier every time you do it.

For me I always treat cooking like play. Instead of work I have to do to feed myself. Naturally this interest allowed me to extract the positives from other people’s cooking style while working at restaurants as a dishwasher and watching others who cook around me.

Now I know that may not sound as extravagant as going to Culinary School. Keep in mind that Culinary School only demonstrates the basics nothing more, nothing less.

Once you get out into the world that is when you start to experience and learn the mastery of being a chef or in my case a good cook.

When did I Begin to Cook?

It all started with school believe it or not. I hated the food I was being served at the cafeteria. Most of it was subsistence to me, nothing more.

I used to think making mistakes in the kitchen was the worst thing possible. It’s not, especially when you understand that you can learn from mistakes. At least in residential kitchens. I completely understand it’s a different case for commercial kitchens.

Eventually I grew the backbone to start cooking while still in High School. First I started with breakfast items. Once I graduated, I had more time to create other meals, so I did and I never looked back.

I also worked in a local bakery around the same time I started cooking. I got to learn some neat secret techniques that I still use to this day.

I’m still learning, I have so much more to learn, I will never stop learning new things I can make/do in the kitchen. I’m thinking about going to Culinary School on my free time. Practice and technique makes perfect afterall just like in jellyfishing. Spongebob and Patrick had it right as always.

Why This Site Exists?

Created on January 20, 2019 we certainly do not intend on going anywhere, anytime soon. We don’t care about what the competition is doing. We care about how we can best help out our readers. This website was created to help others who enjoy the experience of cooking and want to understand how the best cookware and appliances function.

Understanding the design behind each product can help determine whether or not it is a good fit for your kitchen. Some products are created to last, while others are designed only for the sale. Focusing on design, function and longevity we intend to screen for products that bring true value to your kitchen as a tool or an appliance.

We strive to help people optimize their kitchen for their own cooking style and habits. However we do not intend on launching a revolution against restaurants or dining out. Our beef is with ultra-processed foods that originated from WW2.

WW2 is over and so is the need to rely on and peddle ultra-processed foods. The fact that companies and individuals get away with peddling processed foods under the The Commonsense Consumption Act of 2009 is despicable. Most in the US don’t understand the ramifications of peddling processed foods in what are deemed as “under developed countries”. Most don’t understand the financial hold big brands have around the world, it’s chilling.

Hope runs deep, despite it seeming the opposite. Professional chefs around the globe are starting to acknowledge and accept the concept of sustainability in the kitchen. Garden to table restaurants have been making strides at pushing back against the take-make-waste model of processed foods and commercialized agriculture (GMO crops and factory farming).

Recipe websites and sites like Kitchen Cookware and Appliances have also been doing their part at encouraging people to get cooking in the kitchen, in their own way. The fight against ultra-processed, GMO crops and factory farms is just getting started. It won’t be easy, however Kitchen Cookware and Appliances is looking forward to fighting the good fight.

Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

P.S. Kevin the Owner of Kitchen Cookware and Appliances is currently working diligently, trying to find the best way possible to bring everything together on the website for readers, advertisers and the website itself.