How do Air Fryer Ovens Work?

How Air Fryer Ovens Work

Air frying ovens are pretty cool but how do air fryer ovens work? It’s something we have looked into extensively so you don’t have to. It’s a simple concept that is similar to how a standard convection oven works.

The biggest and most notable difference is the presence of a high speed fan. The fan circulates heated air to ensure even cooking on all sides. Even spacing is crucial for an air fryer to work as intended.

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How To Season Cast Iron Cookware – Only When Needed

how to season cast iron cookware

Seasoning is a layer of cooking oil baked or bonded onto the surface. This layer creates a non-stick property on the surface when used properly. Seeing from firsthand experience cast iron cookware should be seasoned only when necessary.

Overtime the more you use your seasoned tools the better the seasoning gets. In this guide learn how to season cast iron cookware and how to take care of seasoning. The process is not too difficult.

Initially I had thought that cast iron is a tedious material to work with in the kitchen. It was through constantly using my set that I experienced quite the opposite. The material is very tough allowing a wide range of use and care conditions. Maintenance can be strict and rigorous to maximize effectiveness, or it can be maintained to the bare minimal enough to keep longevity.

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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Review – Is it Really Non-Stick?

lodge 10.25 seasoned cast iron skillet

Are cast iron skillets truly non-stick? Yes these tools do in fact maintain a non-stick property as long as basic kitchen practices are followed.

For starters the skillet has to be seasoned. The layer of seasoning is what gives the cast iron skillet its non-stick feature. The second step needed to ensure your food does not stick to the surface is a rather simple one. Preheat the skillet to the temperature you are going to be cooking on and you are all set, that is all.

You have to be attentive towards what you are cooking. A steak for example once placed on a hot skillet cannot be flipped immediately, it has to be allowed to sauté for a small amount of time before doing so. This is done in order to prevent the succulent steak from sticking or drying out on one side.

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