How to Clean Greasy Kitchen Cabinets – Easily

You have been cooking in your kitchen and notice that your kitchen cabinets have become greasy. It happens regardless how clean or well ventilated your kitchen is. Now you might be wondering how to clean greasy kitchen cabinets?

All you need is two items for the job regardless of what material your cabinets are made out of. It could be any kind wood or metal. It could be painted, brushed, or glossed, enameled, or even bare.The material does not matter.

All you need is a (non metal) scouring sponge or a kitchen rag and some mild dish soap. No kidding.

Yes it is that simple.

Science at it’s finest.

Why mild dish soap? It does not destroy the material or any layer of material painted, brushed, or enameled on top of it. Even if the cabinets are left bare, using dish soap is still going to be the best option.

The soap and water will combat any grease viciously without the use of abrasion or scratching. It’s all in the molecules and wiping. If you want to know the exacts WorldOfMolcules covers the science behind it.

No Cheating as Easy as it is.

it could be a costly endeavor

It could end up costing you.

Trust me this is one of those things where cutting corners is going to clamp you back. There are a couple of products out there that can achieve the same results visually. However said products will usually indicate what surfaces it can be used on.

Any type of wood which is what most kitchen cabinets are made out of, will be out of the question along with any material that can not be hit with abrasion even if it is coming from micro-scrubbers. Why? Due to the simple fact of design. They were not designed for such said products.

A magic eraser for example can cut through grease and grim. The only problem is they are designed for a small selection of surfaces.

It simply is not recommended for high gloss, polished dark, brushed, satin, faux, bare polished wood, copper, stainless steel, non-stick coating, or vehicle body. That’s a lot of surfaces.

Most abrasives or harsh abrasives would destroy any of the materials mentioned above.

Manufacturer’s Recommendation.

It is worth noting.

Most manufacturers of kitchen cabinets will recommend using soap and water. This is because of how soap and water reacts to oil and dirt.

Normally water and oil do not mix. The soap will act as a middleman that makes the two mix at a molecular level.

No need to get involved with micro scrubbers or harsh abrasives.

Wipe That Mess Away!sponge with dish soap

Easily with simple ingredients.

Mix the water and soap. Wet your sponge or rag. Start wiping away. It is that easy. Worst case scenario you end up having to put some extra elbow grease in it.

This method is a no brainer and it comes at a fraction of the cost compared to using a dedicated cleaning solution for the job.

Not trying to blow smoke on those products but that is simply another spray bottle or bottle occupying space when you can just use what you already have in the kitchen. No need to make a trip to the store.

What’s needed for the task.

Not much in the roster.

The required tools for the job:

  • A bowl or two
  • Couple drops of dish soap
  • Some warm water
  • Rags or sponges (preferably a soft sponge)
  • Paper Towels
  • Some elbow grease (yes some effort is required)

The process:

  • Take the bowl and add some drops of your preferred dish soap in.
  • Add warm water into the bowl
  • Mix warm water and soap
  • Wet the rag or sponge until suds are visible when you squeeze
  • Test, test, test I cannot emphasize that enough

On a hard to see area test the solution prior to doing all of the cabinets. Be keen on any adverse effects. There are not many surfaces that dish soap cannot be used on in the kitchen but it is better to be sure than winging it.

If the test wipe shows no adverse effects continue on. Just like when shaving follow the grain of the cabinets if any are visibly present.

If you have thick grease stains apply some droplets to the sponge or rag directly. Then concentrate the freshly applied dish soap to the grease stains. This will take a bit more effort on your part.

In my time as a carpenter/painter I would encounter the need to clean greasy kitchen walls which are not that much different from cleaning kitchen cabinets. The problem was everything needed to be done fast.

Thing is if you want to do a good job not a half-heartedly job you gotta take your time to get rid of the heavier stains last.

Ok so all of the grease is wiped away but the job ain’t over yet. Rinse off the bowl you just used or grab a clean one without dish soap and pour some warm water into it. Grab a clean rag, dampened it with the warm water and make sure it is damp and not dripping.

Next wash off any lingering residues using the wet rag. Wipe down and dry as you go. I find it the most helpful doing it cabinet by cabinet instead of doing it all at once. This way you make sure the residue does not dry by itself. This can lead to streaks or degradation of the paint or any other layer of the like.

Once everything is dried that is it. Congratulations you either just cleaned your kitchen cabinets or you learned how to do it properly without reducing the lifespan of your cabinets. You could go above and beyond creating a cleaning schedule to help reduce the effort next time, or not all up to you.

Hopefully this was helpful. If you found this helpful please do me the favor of sharing this if you did. If you have any further relevant questions or comments let me know in the comment section below.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your clean kitchen cabinets.

10 thoughts on “How to Clean Greasy Kitchen Cabinets – Easily”

  1. When I ran across this article on cleaning greasy cabinets, I knew someone was telling me to go get to work on my kitchen. The dish soap and water do a great job but I am having trouble with the elbow-grease needed to complete the job.  Surely as long as I have been cleaning the house it will take less time and energy.

    You saved me from looking for a cleaning solution at the store. I have what I need waiting for me here at home! 

    I agree that you can save a lot of money by using plain soap water when you can.  It cleans just as well as anything I ever bought.  When I think of the amount of money tied up in cleaning products, I am doubly grateful for the tip.

    It may not have the lime or lemon smells with just soap and water, but it is a product that works and is economical. 



    • So lovely to hear Sami, you are welcome. Some hardened grease stains can be a pain to rid of. With enough direct application of dish soap, the stains should give way eventually even though it feels like eternity when cleaning.

      This method is a lot more economical when compared to other options. There is also no need to worry about breathing in toxic fumes, like when using dedicated cleaning solutions.

  2. Hello there! This is an amazing article you have got here. These tips you have given here will be very useful to me but especially my daughter because she is charge of the kitchen. I had already saved this post so I can show it to her, I’m sure she will like it. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  3. Hello there,  thanks for this very informative an detailed post on how to “clean a greasy kitchen cabinet easily ” Honestly I don’t really have any idea as to how this is done since it’s my cook that always does that, but due to the corona virus pandemic she is somewhere on quarantine and I have to do almost everything by my self, I was even thinking of a chemical to buy because the cabinet is all greasy but I certainly am trying this simple method here out,  I hope it comes out good 😁

    • Oh man that is so unfortunate to hear about. I know of two people who had to quarantine as well. It sucks but hopefully your loved one is winning their battle. I was fortunate enough that mine won their’s. This method should help keep your kitchen clean and looking spotless for you at the time being and your loved one once they return.

  4. Wow! Thank my goodness I found this post just in time; I am preparing to go clean up grandma’s house tomorrow and I’m very much sure that the kitchen will be a mess. I just hope these processes you have given here works for me so I can make her happy.

    Thank you very much, this means a lot to me.

  5. Hey nice article you have there. Thanks for sharing such information, conveniently when I need it. The need to keep a clean and healthy kitchen is indeed important. I have been contemplating of an appropriate cleaning agent that will be effective against stains in the kitchen cabinets, your thoughts and tips are indeed invaluable, I will definitely give it a trial. Thanks, best regards.

    • Thanks Ed I am pleased to hear that you found this satisfactory. Keeping a clean kitchen is vital. As always I aim here to help. If run into any problems using this method let me know.


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